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Domestic Agency: Project Center ITER (ITER Russia) in Moscow, Russia

 Poloidal field coil #1

Six ring-shaped poloidal field coil magnets will encircle the ITER machine to shape the plasma and contribute to its stability by "pinching" it away from the vacuum vessel walls.

 Poloidal field coil #1 (PF1) is being built at the Srednenevsky Shipbuilding Plant in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Specialists from the Efremov Institute and other Russian experts are winding niobium-titanium superconductor material into flat "pancakes." The fifth of eight pancakes that will make up the PF1 magnet is now being wound.

 The final PF1 magnet, which will weigh 300 tons, will be shipped to ITER and installed at the top of the machine.

First completed port stub extension for vacuum vessel

The ITER vacuum vessel, where the fusion reaction occurs, will be encased in a second, much larger vessel, the cryostat. Each of the vacuum vessel's 44 openings will have custom-made "extensions" to create the junction to the cryostat. The upper-level ports are being built in Russia. 

While the extension pieces are small in relation to the vacuum vessel, they are still quite sizable. Port stub extension (PSE) #12, for example, weighs more than 17 tons, covers an opening of 4 meters x 2.5 meters, and is 3.4 meters in length. Last month Russia completed PSE #12 and shipped it to Korea, where it will be welded onto its vacuum vessel sector.

Power supply and magnet protection system

Russia is responsible for a wide variety of electro-technical components that make up the switching networks, fast discharge units, DC busbars and instrumentation procurement package. Manufacturing is underway now on the busbars and switching network resistors; and the R&D program is concluding for the fast discharge unit components.