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United States

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Domestic Agency: U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA (US ITER)

Central solenoid:

In Poway, California, General Atomics is creating the ITER central solenoid, a pillar-like magnet standing 18 meters tall, sometimes called "the beating heart of ITER." (See images from the General Atomics manufacturing line here.)

The central solenoid is made up of six individual coils, made from approximately 6,000 meters of niobium-tin (Nb3Sn) conductor made in Japan. The central solenoid will be among the most powerful electromagnets ever built, strong enough to lift an aircraft carrier. Its maximum magnetic field will be 13 Tesla, equivalent to 280,000 times the magnetic field of the Earth.

The first central solenoid coil passed its heat treatment tests in May (see photos). The six modules of the central solenoid will be assembled at ITER in a vertical support structure. The first parts of the central solenoid assembly platform were delivered in October.

U.S. completes electrical deliveries:

The U.S. has completed its contribution to ITER's steady state electrical network (SSEN), which will power the pumps and auxiliary loads of the ITER facility. The 35th and final shipment of equipment arrived at the ITER site in October. The global procurement was managed by Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory; for more details, see here.

The U.S. is supplying 75 percent of SSEN components; Europe is supplying 25 percent. See photo.

Tokamak cooling water system:

The Tokamak cooling water system will absorb the heat produced by the ITER fusion reaction. More than 36 kilometers of nuclear-grade stainless steel piping for the system is being fabricated in Robinsville and Hernando, Mississippi. See the story here.

In October, the final design review was completed for the entire system—which means that more orders for high-tech equipment will soon be placed.