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ITER Directory

ITER Directory


Click on an ITER unit for contact information.

Contact Information
ITER Units List Click to expand / reduce the list :
  • Director-General (IO/DG)
    • Central Integration Office (IO/DG/CIO)
      • Configuration Management Division (IO/DG/CIO/CMD)
        • Design and Configuration Control Section (IO/DG/CIO/CMD/DCC)
        • Document Control Section (IO/DG/CIO/CMD/DOC)
      • Integrated Engineering Analyses Section (IO/DG/CIO/IEA)
      • Information Technology Division (IO/DG/CIO/IT)
        • IT Application and Development Section (IO/DG/CIO/IT/ITAD)
        • IT System and Operation Section (IO/DG/CIO/IT/ITSO)
      • Physical & Functional Integration Division (IO/DG/CIO/PFI)
        • Design Integration Section (IO/DG/CIO/PFI/DIS)
        • System Integration Section (IO/DG/CIO/PFI/SIS)
    • Construction Management Office (IO/DG/CMO)
      • Building & Civil Works Section (IO/DG/CMO/BCW)
      • Site Management Section (IO/DG/CMO/SIM)
      • Site Planning and Coordination Section (IO/DG/CMO/SPC)
    • Corporate Department (IO/DG/CORP)
    • Design Office Division (IO/DG/DO)
      • CAD Activities Section (IO/DG/DO/CAA)
      • CAD Infrastructure Section (IO/DG/DO/CIS)
    • Engineering Design Department (IO/DG/EDD)
      • Fuel Cycle Division (IO/DG/EDD/FCD)
        • Fuelling & Wall Conditioning Section (IO/DG/EDD/FCD/FWC)
        • Tritium Plant Section (IO/DG/EDD/FCD/TP)
      • Heating & Current Drive Division (IO/DG/EDD/HCD)
        • Electron Cyclotron Section (IO/DG/EDD/HCD/ECS)
        • Ion Cyclotron Section (IO/DG/EDD/HCD/ICNS)
        • Neutral Beam Section (IO/DG/EDD/HCD/NB)
      • Hot Cell Facility Division (IO/DG/EDD/HCF)
        • Hot Cell & Radwaste Section (IO/DG/EDD/HCF/HCR)
        • Remote Handling Section (IO/DG/EDD/HCF/RHS)
      • Internal Components Division (IO/DG/EDD/INC)
        • Blanket Section (IO/DG/EDD/INC/BKT)
        • Divertor Section (IO/DG/EDD/INC/DIV)
        • Tritium Breeding Blanket Systems Section (IO/DG/EDD/INC/TBB)
      • Port Plugs & Diagnostics Division (IO/DG/EDD/PPD)
        • Diagnostic Engineering Section (IO/DG/EDD/PPD/DE)
        • Ex-Vessel Diagnostics Section (IO/DG/EDD/PPD/EVD)
        • In-Vessel Diagnostics Section (IO/DG/EDD/PPD/IVD)
    • Finance & Procurement Department (IO/DG/FPD)
      • Finance & Budget Division (IO/DG/FPD/FBD)
        • Accounting, Treasury & Systems Section (IO/DG/FPD/FBD/ATS)
        • Building & Construction Project Control Section (IO/DG/FPD/FBD/BCPC)
        • Budget Management Section (IO/DG/FPD/FBD/BMA)
        • Engineering & Commissioning Project Control Section (IO/DG/FPD/FBD/ECPC)
        • Financial Control Section (IO/DG/FPD/FBD/FCO)
      • Procurement & Contracts Division (IO/DG/FPD/PCD)
        • Construction, Assembly &Logistics Section (IO/DG/FPD/PCD/CAL)
        • Engineering, Science, Operation and Corporate Section (IO/DG/FPD/PCD/ESOC)
    • Human Resources Department (IO/DG/HRD)
      • Human Resources Services Section (IO/DG/HRD/HRS)
      • Talent Management Section (IO/DG/HRD/TM)
    • Internal Audit Service (IO/DG/IAS)
    • Machine Construction Department (IO/DG/MCD)
      • Ex-Vessel Delivery & Assembly Division (IO/DG/MCD/EVDA)
        • In-Cryostat, CTS & Auxiliaries Section (IO/DG/MCD/EVDA/ICCA)
        • Magnet Section (IO/DG/MCD/EVDA/MAG)
      • Machine Assembly Integration Section (IO/DG/MCD/MAI)
      • Machine Assembly Planning & Contract Management Section (IO/DG/MCD/MPCM)
      • Sector Modules Delivery & Assembly Division (IO/DG/MCD/SMDA)
        • Toroïdal Field Coil Section (IO/DG/MCD/SMDA/TFC)
        • Vacuum Vessel Section (IO/DG/MCD/SMDA/VVS)
      • Tokamak Complex Division (IO/DG/MCD/TCD)
        • Process Installation Section (IO/DG/MCD/TCD/TPI)
        • Vacuum Delivery & Installation Section (IO/DG/MCD/TCD/VDI)
    • Office of the Director-General (IO/DG/ODG)
      • Communication (IO/DG/ODG/COM)
      • ITER Council Secretariat (IO/DG/ODG/ICS)
      • Legal Affairs (IO/DG/ODG/LGA)
    • Plant Construction Department (IO/DG/PLD)
      • Electrical Implementation Division (IO/DG/PLD/EID)
        • Coil Power Supply Section (IO/DG/PLD/EID/CPS)
        • I&C Infrastructure Section (IO/DG/PLD/EID/ICIS)
      • Field Engineering Installation Division (IO/DG/PLD/FEID)
        • Electrical System Installation Surveillance Section (IO/DG/PLD/FEID/ESIS)
        • In Field Engineering Support (IO/DG/PLD/FEID/IFES)
        • Mechanical & Pip.Inst. Surveillance Sec. (IO/DG/PLD/FEID/MPIS)
      • Mechanical Implementation Division (IO/DG/PLD/MID)
        • Cooling Mechanical & Welding Section (IO/DG/PLD/MID/CMW)
        • Cryogenic Section (IO/DG/PLD/MID/CS)
        • Tokamak Cooling Water System Section (IO/DG/PLD/MID/TCWS)
      • Supply & Service Installation Section (IO/DG/PLD/TSSI)
    • Science, Controls & Operation Department (IO/DG/SCOD)
      • Controls Division (IO/DG/SCOD/CD)
        • Central Control Integration Section (IO/DG/SCOD/CD/CCI)
        • Data, Connectivity and Software Section (IO/DG/SCOD/CD/DCS)
        • Facility Control System Section (IO/DG/SCOD/CD/FCS)
      • Operations Division (IO/DG/SCOD/OPD)
        • Commissioning & Op. Readiness Section (IO/DG/SCOD/OPD/COR)
        • Cooling Water (IO/DG/SCOD/OPD/COWG)
        • Electrical Power Distribution Section (IO/DG/SCOD/OPD/EPD)
        • Site Services (IO/DG/SCOD/OPD/SSG)
      • Science Division (IO/DG/SCOD/SCD)
        • Experiments & Plasma Operation Section (IO/DG/SCOD/SCD/EPO)
        • Plasma Modelling & Analysis Section (IO/DG/SCOD/SCD/PMA)
    • Safety & Quality Department (IO/DG/SQD)
      • Nuclear Safety Division (IO/DG/SQD/NS)
      • Quality Management Division (IO/DG/SQD/QMD)
      • Security, Health & Safety Division (IO/DG/SQD/SHS)
        • Occupational Health & Safety Section (IO/DG/SQD/SHS/OHS)
        • Security Section (IO/DG/SQD/SHS/SES)
    • Science & Technology Department (IO/DG/ST)