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Latest ITER Newsline

  • Neutral beam test facility | First ITER test bed enters operation

    For all those who had contributed to designing and building the world's largest negative ion source, it was a deeply symbolic moment. ITER Director-General Bern [...]

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  • Fusion machines | Searching for the perfect shape

    The perfect magnetic trap doesn't exist. Over time plasma physicists have experimented with different types of cylinders, magnetic mirrors and circular or helic [...]

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  • ITER Robots: pre-teens can too!

    Made-from-scratch movers and carriers were again on display near ITER, as the younger set took up the ITER Robots challenge. From two participating school [...]

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  • Supporting crown | A midnight pour

    It is close to midnight in the brightly lit basement of the ITER bioshield and, tonight, the first plot of the tokamak 'crown' is to be poured. The operation is [...]

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  • Prototype | The hottest stuff in ITER

    The heat flux sustained by the targets of the ITER divertor will be higher still—by ten times—than that of a space vessel re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Meticu [...]

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