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STAC members meet at Château

Sabina Griffith

September 5 and 6 saw the 1st ITER Council Science and Technology Advisory Committee (IC-STAC) meeting at the Château in Cadarache. In the meeting that was chaired by Predhiman Kaw from India, the 40 representatives and experts from the IO and the seven ITER parties focused on the status and issues of the ongoing Design Review and its possible impacts on the mission´s triangular: schedule, cost and scope. Next week, September 17 until 21, the eight Design Review Working groups will once more convene in Cadarache to discuss the remaining open issues and to define the final proposal for the Baseline Design 2007 which will then be presented to the ITER Council for approval in November. Besides this most important issue, ITER Director General Kaname Ikeda updated the STAC participants on the progress of staff recruitment by the IO, and in establishing the Domestic Agencies and the forthcoming licensing milestones which include the submission of the so called Preliminary Safety Report by the end of this year and a public hearing mid 2008.

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