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One Goal - One Voice

Sabina Griffith

The US Delegation at the first IO-DA Meeting. (Click to view larger version...)
The US Delegation at the first IO-DA Meeting.
In order to enhance the cooperation within the ITER Organization and its seven Domestic Agencies, a three-day meeting with the leading representatives from each party. The IO-DA Conference was set up as a platform to directly address complicated issues, i.e. issues "that are important for the project's execution," as the Head of US ITER, Ned Sauthoff, said. Or, as the Director of the European Agency, Didier Gambier, put it: "To speak with one voice."

In the opening session each Domestic Agency gave a short status report, including an extensive report on the situation within the US Domestic Agency after the Congress' budget cut (see interview). Summarizing the sitiuation, all seven Domestic Agencies are now established and busy recruiting staff.

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