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Activities in CHD Department

In charge of Heating and Current Drive: Dhiraj Bora. (Click to view larger version...)
In charge of Heating and Current Drive: Dhiraj Bora.
The New Year has started with exciting activities in the CHD department. These activities will gradually but quickly take us towards our short term goals: To get the work going in the different areas of the long lead items. In order to do so, we need to issue the most urgent Procurement Arrangements (PA). One such early PA is the Neutral Beam power supply which will be supplied by Japan and Europe. This will be delivered to the Neutral Beam Test Facility that is currently being built in Padova, Italy. The test facility is essential to establish the major parameters of the Neutral beams.

Currently, our experts are closely collaborating with the specialists at Padova and Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Naka (Japan) to complete the technical specifications for the High Voltage Power supply. The establishment of the project specification documents, which were prepared with the support of the ITER Project Office, have also progressed well.

All these activities were recently addressed in a meeting with experts from Europe, Japan and IO in Padua. At the end of the meeting we were able to generate drafts for the Procurement Arrangement. This draft is being finalised and we hope to have an agreed version of the PA ready for signature of the parties in late spring this year.

Another interesting activity has been the resource estimate for all the activities of the CHD Department for the complete construction period. The work is progressing well and we are looking forward to having a realistic resource estimate at the end of this exercise.

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