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Heading for the sun

Working from north to south: Fiona Digby-Grant. (Click to view larger version...)
Working from north to south: Fiona Digby-Grant.
When Fiona arrived in Paris after a long and exhausting bicycle ride from Oxford, in March 2006 for a local Witney charity Base 33, which supports young people, you bet she was tired but she must have fallen for the charm of France, because she is back, only two years later, and this time she is here to stay!

Fiona has been heading for the sun for quite some time now. Born and raised in Scotland, she started her career in the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen, the northern part of the country. Her first step south came in the early nineties, when Fiona began working in Contracts and Procurements for the decommissioning of the Windscale nuclear plant in Cumbria. In 2004 she entered the field of fusion when she joined JET in Culham, yet another step south.

And now she has made a giant leap for the sun to join ITER as Head of Procurement and Contracts Division. In this new role, Fiona will be responsible for in-cash procurements. She and her department will be in charge of all ITER in-cash procurements. Her department also covers customs, tax and insurances. "The ITER project is so challenging because of its scope and its potential impact on the world's future energy supply," says Fiona, "and I am really thrilled to be part of the team that is going to make it happen."

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