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Neutral Beam Test Facility: There is no alternative

Dhiraj Bora, in charge of heating and current drive for ITER. (Click to view larger version...)
Dhiraj Bora, in charge of heating and current drive for ITER.
In order to speed up the design activities needed to conclude the Procurement Arrangements, the CHD Department has started installing a new network structure which will allow us to extend the ITER network to the Domestic Agencies (DAs). This idea is to create a sort of "ambassador" network called CAT at each Agency extending the Design Office secure database. This is a necessary step to improve direct remote access from the DAs to the IO Cadarache databases.

The Neutral Beam Test Facility in Padua was again a topic for discussion at the recent top-level meetings held at the Château. All parties have accepted that in order to achieve Neutral Beams on ITER at megavolt level, a test facility is essential to establish and verify the new areas of technologies being debated. Experience has shown that there is no alternative to such a Test Facility, where work such as testing the high voltage holding with actual surfaces, distances and geometry or the high power extraction and acceleration will be carried out for the first time ever. Discussions on the realization of this facility are still ongoing and we hope that they can be concluded quickly to allow us to take the next step.

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