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SAP Core in the starting blocks

Earlier this year we announced that it was going to happen, now it is actually happening: The SAP Core system is being delivered to ITER this month.

SAP is an administration management tool to facilitate procurement (e.g. contracts, in-kind and in-cash), finance and Human Resources affaires (e.g. salaries, vacation days, mission trips, recruitment etc.). Once this system is in place, a lot of paperwork will become redundant as processes like invoicing will become essentially computer-based. And, what is even more important, this will speed up processing of transactions, increase efficiency and reliability of our processes and make our lives easier from an administrative point of view.

Over the last months, a team of consultants have been working with the ITER Administration to understand our current systems, work processes and requirements and analyze where improvements and streamlining of procedures is needed.

The system has now been designed to respond to all these needs and delivery is underway. The next phase is going to be the testing and the de-bugging of the system.

ITER key-users are about to be trained by Logica, the supplier for this system, which will also provide a User Guide. They will test the system so that it can go live in the second half of July. The remaining administration users will then also be trained so that all relevant divisions can start using the system right away.

The second part of the system, the Human Resources (HR) portal, will be launched in October. This portal will facilitate the administration of salaries, organization and recruitment for the HR division and will also enable all employees to manage their own vacation days, mission requests etc.

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