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Australian interest in ITER


On Monday, 4 December 2006, the House Standing Committee on Industry and Resources of the Australian government tabled its report on the Parliamentary Inquiry into developing Australia's non-fossil fuel energy industry. One of the recommendations made to the Australian government was to "negotiate an appropriate subscription for Australia to the ITER project on a whole-of-Government basis; to support the establishment of a national research centre to consolidate and coordinate Australia's efforts in fusion related research; and to examine the merits of establishing fusion science as a national research priority".

The report adds: "The Committee is persuaded of the immense potential benefit that fusion energy represents for the world and, specifically, the potential benefits for Australian science and industry from involvement in the ITER project. The Committee believes that involvement in this experimentation is simply too important for the nation to miss, even if the introduction of fusion power is indeed many decades off. Accordingly, the Committee recommends that Australia secure formal involvement in the ITER project"

The full government report can be found here.

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