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ITER India in new offices

Sabina Griffith

Staff of ITER India in their new office building. (Click to view larger version...)
Staff of ITER India in their new office building.
The ITER-India personnel, presently 35 in number, has moved to the new office which is located in Gandhinagar, about 20 kilometres away from the official Domestic Agency Office at the Institute for Plasma Research. Also, about 12 CAD designers from contracted Engineering Services industries are presently working in the ITER-India Office. Most of the infrastructure, including a new Internet connection is in place and a separate 45 Mbps leased line linked directly to ITER, Cadarache is presently being commissioned. This allows the installation of the so-called ITER collaborative network connecting the two Design Offices in India and Cadarache along with the other DA offices and thus enables the safe and real-time exchange of data.

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