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Say "cheese" for the ITER phonebook

Iris Rona

It has probable happened to all of us, calling somebody by the wrong name and causing great amusement or embarrassment because you have mistaken Mister A for Monsieur B.

Well, it won't happen again in our Organization because we will soon have the pictures of every ITER employee in the ITER Phonebook for reference.

Thanks to the support of IT, every ITER employee can now take her or his own picture with the webcam and load it into the Phonebook.

This will only take a couple of minutes if you use this link to find the user guide here.

You can now pick your own time and make sure you look at your best when you take your own photograph.

So please take five minutes in the coming days to take your own picture into the Phonebook. This should just be a plain head shot, nothing fancy or funny, where you are easily recognizable.

We are counting on you to make sure the ITER Phonebook soon becomes the place where we can all check out "who is who" in our fast-growing organization.

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