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A new year

Director-General Nominee Kaname Ikeda (Click to view larger version...)
Director-General Nominee Kaname Ikeda
"The end of the year is always a time to reflect on past events. 2006 was a very busy year with the ITER management team being appointed, staff from all over the world moving in, the design review on its way, the signing of the ITER agreement and the first meeting of the interim ITER Council in November. From last week ITER officially is a legal entity, enabling us to recruit people and to place contracts. Certainly, this was an important milestone for our project and we are now in full operational mode. With this achieved, we now all deserve a break to be enjoyed among our families and friends. "In 2007 we will have to continue pushing on at full strength: we have to focus on the design review, so that the procurements of the long lead items are implemented in time. We will also see the implementation of the Domestic Agencies, the ratification of the ITER Agreement, and the further building up of the ITER team. By spring-time we expect to be more than 170 people which is twice the number of staff at the moment. Many of them come from the Joint Work Sites in Garching and Naka which will both be closed by the end of the year. The extra office space needed will be found in neighbouring buildings, and in new temporary buildings. The clearing of the ITER site will start, and a visitor centre constructed. In short, we have another eventful year ahead."

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