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Alexander Antipenkov

Iris Rona

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Alexander Antipenkov joined ITER on 6 October as Vacuum Analytical Engineer within the Vacuum Pump Section of the Department of Central Engineering and Plant Support.

Alexander, who is Russian, previously worked at the Moscow Baumann Technical University in cryogenics, at the Dollezhal Power Engineering Institute in Moscow as fission reactor design engineer, at the ITER Joint Central Team in Garching (CDA and EDA phases, in-vessel components and vacuum pumping) and in the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Germany as vacuum pumping project engineer.

Alexander lives in Manosque where his wife and four-year-old granddaughter are going to join him shortly. His daughter will be finishing her education in Germany in a year's time.

When he is not at work, Alexander enjoys doing jobs around the house, sightseeing and taking care of his granddaughter.

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