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Introducing ... Dhiraj Bora, DDG Designate CODAC & IT, Heating and Current Drive, and Diagnostics (CHD) Department

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Born in 1951 in Guwahati, India, Dr. Dhiraj Bora received his Masters Degree from the Peoples' Friendship University of Moscow in 1974, and his Doctorate in Physics from the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad.

For almost 25 years since then he has been active in plasma physics research, most recently at the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) in Gandhinagar. Dr. Bora´s primary interest has been radio frequency heating and current drive in tokamaks. He has been the project leader of the RF group in his institute since its inception. In the past fifteen years the group has developed heating and current drive systems based on high power commercial tubes at megawatt levels and different frequencies. In his earlier days, Dr. Bora was involved in measurements using microwave diagnostics and bolometers in tokamak plasmas.

At ITER, he is responsible for diagnostics, CODAC, heating and current drive systems. He will have to make sure "that the plasma within the ITER device behaves the way we want it to," he said.

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