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A unique day at ITER

-Krista Dulon

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Last week, Gabrielle, Justine, Stéphane, Tiphaine and Clément, junior high school students from five different local establishments, stepped into journalist's shoes for two days on the ITER worksite, or - to be more precise - hardhats and boots. While Gabrielle and Justine managed the cameras, reporters Stéphane, Tiphaine and Clément performed interviews, asked questions, and learned about the work-in-progress; all with a full dose of enthusiasm and humor. The result is a two-page ITERoscope newspaper with articles, photos, and - thanks to the help of Sylvie André from Agence ITER France - a professional layout. Altogether a professional job!

The reporter training was part of the 14th CEA-Cadarache Youth Day (Rencontres Cadarache Jeunes), in which 200 junior high school students and their professors from nearby schools were invited to spend a day at CEA Cadarache. ITERoscope was distributed to all at the end of the day; a souvenir from ITER that will be shared with families and schoolmates.

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