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Training Program established

Iris Rona

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Training and development of staff skills is one of the key priorities in any professional organization and it has certainly been high on the agenda of the ITER Organization over the last months. After a lot of consultation with and input from the DDG's and Division Heads the Human Resources (HR) Division last month presented their Training Policy and Plan to the ITER senior management and to the Staff Committee.

The Head of Department or Office is responsible for the identification of the training needs which impact the IO liability. So, he/she defines the training priorities for his/her scope. One person was appointed per Department as training coordinator, who deals within the Department for training issues and interfaces with the HR Division.

There will be three types of training for ITER staff:

  • 1. Mandatory training (mainly concerning safety and security)
  • 2. Corporate training (e.g. cross cultural, languages (English and technical French), team management, time management)
  • 3. Specific departmental training

  • The HR Division developed different new training courses in collaboration with the Departments (safety, induction training, project management etc.). This training courses aim to be spread within the whole IO. The other training sessions will be organized according to the training plan and needs of every department.

    Thanks to the support of the Logistics team, HR now has its own dedicated training room, P 217, which is fully equipped and has 10 computers to accommodate 20 people at a time. This room is for training purposes only and should be booked through HR.

    Below you will find the list of training coordinators per department. They will be in charge of implementing .the training plan in their respective departments.

  • ADM: ANDRÉ Violette
  • CEP: VINE Graeme
  • CHD: ETIENNE François-Xavier
  • FST: ROSSINI Céline
  • PRO: BOUTTIERE Brigitte
  • SAS: REYNARD Pierre
  • TKM: BATAILLÉ Florence

  • For further questions on the HR training plan, please contact or

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