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Date Title
17 Nov 2023
33rd ITER Council Meeting: ITER Project making progress, preparing updated baseline
22 Jun 2023
32nd ITER Council Meeting: ITER Project focuses on updated baseline preparation
30 Jan 2023
Delong Luo from China named ITER Deputy Director-General — Corporate
30 Jan 2023
Yutaka Kamada from Japan named ITER Deputy Director-General for Science and Technology
17 Nov 2022
31st ITER Council: ITER project addressing challenges
15 Sep 2022
ITER Council appoints Dr. Pietro BARABASCHI as ITER Organization Director-General
16 Jun 2022
30th ITER Council: continuing progress during a time of challenge and transition
14 May 2022
Passing of ITER Director-General Bernard Bigot
14 May 2022
Bernard Bigot, ITER Director-General 2015-2022
11 May 2022
ITER Project achieves major assembly milestone
31 Jan 2022
Members of European Parliament visit the ITER Project
18 Nov 2021
29th ITER Council: Steady progress despite challenges including COVID-19
17 Jun 2021
28th ITER Council: Steady progress despite challenges including COVID-19
19 Nov 2020
27th ITER Council: Moving forward with assembly phase
18 Jun 2020
26th ITER Council: Ready for machine assembly
21 Nov 2019
25th ITER Council: All efforts converging toward the start of machine assembly
20 Jun 2019
24th ITER Council welcomes sustained project progress with preparation for transition to Machine Assembly
28 Jan 2019
ITER Council reappoints Dr Bernard Bigot to second term as Director-General
15 Nov 2018
23rd ITER Council appreciates continuous project progress
21 Jun 2018
22nd ITER Council affirms project progress to achieve First Plasma in 2025
06 Dec 2017
The Director-General's Statement on ITER Progress
06 Dec 2017
World's most complex machine is 50 percent completed
16 Nov 2017
21st ITER Council affirms steady, measurable project progress
04 Sep 2017
US scientist Tim Luce appointed Head of ITER Science & Operations Department
22 Jun 2017
20th ITER Council meeting recognizes strong project progress in line with the 2016 baseline
13 Jun 2017
ITER signs Cooperation Agreement with Kazakhstan
17 Nov 2016
ITER Council endorses updated project schedule to Deuterium-Tritium Operation
30 Sep 2016
ITER signs Cooperation Agreement with Australia
28 Jun 2016
ITER awards mega contract for assembly of Tokamak and support plant
16 Jun 2016
ITER Council endorses updated schedule focused on First Plasma
27 Apr 2016
ITER Council Review Group provides external validation of project progress
12 Jan 2016
Won Namkung takes helm of the ITER Council
22 Dec 2015
First machine components reach ITER
19 Nov 2015
ITER Project progressing well despite delays
09 Nov 2015
Gyung-Su Lee appointed Deputy-Director General of the ITER Organization
17 Sep 2015
A multinational success: ITER superconductor production nears completion
18 Jun 2015
Visible progress in ITER, but still important issues to be resolved
04 May 2015
Eisuke Tada appointed Deputy-Director General of the ITER Organization
05 Mar 2015
Bernard Bigot is the new ITER Director-General
14 Jan 2015
First "exceptional load" delivered to ITER
20 Nov 2014
15th ITER Council: A key milestone in ITER construction
04 Nov 2014
ITER Tokamak Complex will begin to rise
04 Sep 2014
First plant components delivered to ITER
11 Jul 2014
President José Manuel Barroso: "Eight years later, the European Commission is proud to have believed in ITER"
10 Jun 2014
Council assesses progress and challenges as ITER moves forward
08 Apr 2014
Second successful test for the ITER Itinerary
13 Feb 2014
ITER Council approves actions to improve project management
21 Nov 2013
ITER Council takes important management and technical decisions
07 Oct 2013
ITER will be at the World Energy Congress in Korea
20 Sep 2013
Successful test of the ITER Itinerary
06 Sep 2013
Ministers reaffirm the importance of ITER for the world's future energy needs
20 Jun 2013
ITER moves into full construction stage
05 Jun 2013
We have arrival!
18 Apr 2013
ITER blanket technology approved
05 Feb 2013
ITER Organization signs a convention with French authorities to protect against illegal labour practices
01 Feb 2013
Robustness of ITER's solenoid conductor confirmed
18 Jan 2013
ITER Headquarters inaugurated
19 Dec 2012
ITER Organization and Air Liquide sign EUR 83 million contract for Liquid Helium Plant
03 Dec 2012
Bring in the welders
29 Nov 2012
ITER project well underway
13 Nov 2012
A landmark decree authorizes ITER construction
08 Nov 2012
ITER moves to new Headquarters building
08 Nov 2012
Aix-en-Provence welcomes the Fusion Expo
04 Sep 2012
Contract for ITER Cryostat awarded to Larsen & Toubro Ltd
21 Jun 2012
Tenth ITER Council in Washington reasserts the critical need to maintain project schedule within cost
26 Apr 2012
Long-term contract for ITER conductor testing
28 Feb 2012
ITER's new solenoid conductor passes tests
15 Feb 2012
ITER chooses a Logistics Service Provider for the transport of components
18 Nov 2011
ITER Council meets: notes significant project progress
08 Sep 2011
World's largest conference on magnet technology to open its gates in Marseille
15 Jun 2011
ITER Council meets in Japan: mitigating effects of the Japanese natural disaster on the ITER Project
11 Mar 2011
The new ITER management structure takes shape
30 Nov 2010
Global insurance contract for ITER construction signed
26 Nov 2010
Monaco ITER International Fusion Energy Days
18 Nov 2010
ITER takes shape
17 Nov 2010
Foundation stone for ITER Headquarters building unveiled
28 Jul 2010
Extraordinary ITER Council approves the project baseline
13 Jul 2010
Chairman of National People's Congress of China visits ITER
17 Jun 2010
ITER Council meets in China
19 Nov 2009
ITER implements global procurement and manufacturing
18 Jun 2009
ITER Council meets in Japan
11 Feb 2009
HSH Prince Albert II meets the ITER Monaco Post Doctoral Fellows
20 Nov 2008
ITER Council: global science management
19 Nov 2008
ITER Organization and Korea sign Procurement Arrangements for the ITER vacuum vessel
05 Sep 2008
Successful demonstration of key ITER technology
18 Jun 2008
ITER gains momentum
06 Mar 2008
ITER Organization and CERN sign Cooperation Agreement
16 Jan 2008
ITER Organization and Principality of Monaco sign Partnership Agreement
28 Nov 2007
First ITER Council convened in Cadarache: historic step in the quest for clean energy
24 Oct 2007
ITER Organization formally established
28 Mar 2007
EU establishes the European Domestic Agency
21 Nov 2006
ITER Organization gets the go-ahead