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Fusenet - The European Fusion Education Network

Fusenet - The European Fusion Education Network

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A letter from the Chairman of the Board of the FuseNet Association:
The fact that you have reached this page, indicates your interest in fusion education. To stimulate, enhance and coordinate these activities in Europe, the FuseNet Association has been established. In this way FuseNet aims to enthuse, attract and train a new generation of bright, young and motivated fusion experts.
With 67 members as of Novemer 2022, including academia, research laboratories, industry and ITER, the association is developing well and is regarded as the main nucleus of fusion education in Europe.
If you are a student, please visit our website ( to see what FuseNet can mean for you: FuseNet supports master and PhD students in fusion to participate in an educational activity, it sponsors internships, advertises open jobs, organizes yearly PhD and Masters events, awards certificates to students that fulfill the qualifications as defined by the fusion research field, develops teaching material and much more. So FuseNet is there for you!
Also, if you are an educational organization or research institute, FuseNet will be of benefit: it can increase your visibility for students, bring more and better students to your program, give you access to enhanced interaction with universities and industry, and give you the opportunity to make use of the teaching material develop by the FuseNet or its members.
For fusion-related industry, FuseNet may greatly enhance your ability to attract and recruit the smartest young people, or recruit for internships. Moreover, as a FuseNet member this is the best way to establish sustainable links between your company and academic partners.
If you are not yet a member, please consider becoming one!
Let's put all efforts together to make fusion a success. Education and training is the key in this. Interested in what FuseNet can do in this respect for you? Visit our website ( or get in contact with us directly.

Roger Jaspers
Chairman of the Board of the FuseNet Association