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FED, 2017, Volume #In press, Entler S.
Signal conditioning and processing for metallic Hall sensors


Intech, ISBN 978-953-51-2511-2, 2016, Volume #Book, Ch. 7 Voitsenya V.S.
On the Prospects of Using Metallic Glasses for In-vessel Mirrors for Plasma Diagnostics in ITER
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ITER perspective on fusion reactor diagnostics - A spectroscopic view
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ITER first mirror mock-ups exposed in Magnum-PSI.
PhyScr, 2016, Volume #T167, 14047 Kočan M.
First results on modeling of ITER infrared images
PhyScr, 2016, Volume #T167, 014069 Moser L.
Plasma cleaning of Be coated mirrors
RSI, 2016, Volume #87, 11D829 Garcia-Munoz M.
Conceptual design of the ITER fast-ion loss detector
RSI, 2016, Volume #87, 11E561 Howard J.
Stokes-Doppler coherence imaging for ITER boundary tomography


FST, 2015, Volume #67, 771 Kiran Kumar N.A.P.
High Dose Neutron Irradiation Performance of Dielectric Mirrors
JCST, 2015, Volume #2, 72 Marot L.
Optical coatings as mirrors for optical diagnostics
NF, 2015, Volume #55, 063020 Moser L.
Towards plasma cleaning of ITER first mirrors
NF, 2015, Volume #55, 63030 Eidietis N.W.
The ITPA disruption database


NF, 2014, Volume #54, 13015 Luce T.C.
Development of advanced inductive scenarios for ITER
PhyScr, 2014, Volume #T159, 014004 Mertens Ph.
Removable samples for ITER—a feasibility and conceptual study


EPS, 2013, Volume #37D, P2.135 Polevoi A.
Optimisation of ITER Operational Space for Long-pulse Scenarios
EPS, 2013, Volume #37D, P2.134 Schweinzer J.
Demonstration of the ITER Baseline Scenario on ASDEX Upgrade
FED, 2013, Volume #88, 1280 Vukolov K.Yu.
Plasma tests of diagnostic mirrors for ITER purposes
FED, 2013, Volume #88, 1284 Orlovskiy I.
Broadband dielectric mirrors for optical diagnostics in ITER
FST, 2013, Volume #64, 1 Skinner C.H.
Laser Cleaning of Candidate Diagnostic Mirrors for ITER
JNM, 2013, Volume #442, S508 Orlovskiy I.I.
Neutron irradiation of modern KU-1 and KS-4V fused silica
NF, 2013, Volume #54, 013015 Luce T.C.
Development of advanced inductive scenarios for ITER


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Nuclear engineering of diagnostic port plugs on ITER
JINST, 2012, Volume #7, C03043 Naylor G.A.
The ITER Thomson scattering core LIDAR diagnostic
NF, 2012, Volume #52, 023023 Budny R.V.
Benchmarking ICRF full-wave solvers for ITER
NF, 2012, Volume #52, 012001 Sauter P.
L- to H-mode transitions at low density in ASDEX Upgrade
RSI, 2012, Volume #83, 10E111 Beiersdorfer P.
Rest-Wavelength Fiducials for the ITER Core Imaging X-ray Spectrometer


AIPCP, 2011, Volume #1406, 191 Douai D.
Modelling of ion cyclotron wall conditioning plasmas
EPS, 2011, Volume #35G, P-2.080 Ivanov N.V.
Locking of small magnetic islands by error field in T-10 tokamak
EPS, 2011, Volume #35G, P-4.108 Pautasso G.
Massive gas injection from the high field side of ASDEX Upgrade
EPS, 2011, Volume #35G, P-5.102 Reich M.
Progress on ECCD-based NTM rt-control at ASDEX Upgrade
EPS, 2011, Volume #35G, P-5.107 Villone F.
ITER passive and active RWM analysis with the CarMa code
EPS, 2011, Volume #35G, P-5.112 Ryter F.
I-mode studies at ASDEX upgrade
FST, 2011, Volume #59, 539 Graves J.P.
Recent advances in sawtooth control
FST, 2011, Volume #59, 621 Jackson G.L.
Control issues related to start-up of tokamaks
FST, 2011, Volume #59, ? Humphreys D.A.
High-reliability operation and disruption control in tokamaks
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Physics requirements on fuel throughput in ITER
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S849 James A.N.
Pellet interaction with runaway electrons
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S1094 Tang M.
Recent researches on dust in EAST and HT-7 tokamaks
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S19 Kallenbach A.
Plasma surface interactions in impurity seeded plasmas
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S278 Stangeby P.C.
Assessing material migration through 13C injection experiments
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S301 Barnard H.S.
A study of tungsten migration in the Alcator C-Mod divertor
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S353 Lasnier C.J.
Scaling of divertor heat flux profile widths in DIII-D
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S387 Rudakov D.L.
SOL width in limited versus diverted discharges in DIII-D
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S740 Unterberg E.A.
Global particle balance measurements in DIII-D H-mode discharges
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S793 Tabarés F.L.
Tritium control techniques in ITER by ammonia injection
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S805 Loarer T.
Helium to hydrogen changeover experiments in JET
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S841 Bazylev B.
Modeling of runaway electron beams for JET and ITER
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S92 Ueda Y.
Exposure of tungsten nano-structure to TEXTOR edge plasma
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S957 Pitts R.A.
Physics basis and design of the ITER plasma-facing components
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S96 Nishijima D.
Sputtering properties of tungsten 'fuzzy' surfaces
JNM, 2011, Volume #415, S969 Mitteau R.
A shaped First Wall for ITER
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 073020 Litaudon X.
Core transport properties in JT-60U and JET identity plasmas
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 013006 Pustovitov V.D.
Integral torque balance in tokamaks
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 033010 Lang P.T.
ELM pacing investigations at JET with the new pellet launcher
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 043010 Pautasso G.
The halo current in ASDEX Upgrade
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 053013 LaHaye R.J.
Influence of plasma flow shear on tearing in DIII-D hybrids
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 063002 Lin Y.
ICRF mode conversion flow drive on Alcator C-Mod
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 063006 Field A.
Plasma rotation and transport in MAST spherical tokamak
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 073016 Buttery R.J.
The impact of 3D fields on tearing mode stability of H-modes
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 083015 Jackson G.L.
Noninductive plasma initiation and startup in the DIII-D tokamak
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 083032 Wallace G.M.
Lower hybrid current drive at high density in Alcator C-Mod
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 103009 Pautasso G.
Contribution of ASDEX Upgrade to disruption studies for ITER
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 113011 Meyer H.
L—H transition and pedestal studies on MAST
NF, 2011, Volume #51, 113019 Kaye S.M.
L—H threshold studies in NSTX
PhyScr, 2011, Volume #T145, 14059 Thomser C.
Material performance of tungsten coatings under transient heat loads
PoP, 2011, Volume #18, 030501 Luce T.C.
Realizing steady-state tokamak operation for fusion energy
PoP, 2011, Volume #18, 056120 Beurskens M.N.A.
H-mode pedestal scaling in DIII-D, ASDEX Upgrade, and JET
PoP, 2011, Volume #18, 056121 Lanctot M.J.
Measurement and modeling of three-dimensional equilibria in DIII-D
PoP, 2011, Volume #18, 062503 Zakharov L.E.
Edge plasma boundary layer generated by kink modes in tokamaks
PPCF, 2011, Volume #53, 065010 Geiger B.
Fast-ion D-alpha measurements at ASDEX Upgrade
PPCF, 2011, Volume #53, 124003 Chapman I.T.
Sawtooth control in ITER using ion cyclotron resonance heating
PPCF, 2011, Volume #53, 124033 Mantica P.
Ion heat transport studies in JET
PPCF, 2011, Volume #53, 124035 Esposito B.
Disruption avoidance by means of electron cyclotron waves
PRL, 2011, Volume #106, 155004 Guttenfelder W.
Electromagnetic transport from microtearing mode turbulence


EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, O-4.123 Köchl F.
Integrated modelling of pellet experiments at JET
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-1.1004 Aleynikov P.B.
Simulations of runaway electron transport under MHD perturbations in ITER
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-1.1093 Snipes J.A
Results of ITER test blanket module mock-up experiments on DIII-D
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-2.173 Alper B.
Insight from fast data on pellet ELM pacing at JET
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-2.175 Besseghir K.
Cross-modulation of loop voltage and ECH power in ITER
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-2.189 Reich M.
ECCD-based NTM control using the ASDEX Upgrade real-time system
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-4.136 Kocsis G.
Comparison of the onset of pellet triggered and spontaneous ELMs
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-4.156 Pustovitov V.D.
Ferritic structures behind the first wall and RWM stability in tokamaks
EPS, 2010, Volume #34A, P-4.173 Wenninger R.
Filament footprints of pellet induced ELMs observed on divertor target
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXC/2-3Ra Meyer H.
L/H transition and pedestal studies on MAST
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXC/2-3Rb Kaye S.M.
L-H threshold studies in NSTX
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXC/2-4Rb McDonald D.C.
JET helium-4 ELMy H-mode studies
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/10-3 Hender T.C.
JET disruption studies in support of ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/5-5 Sabbagh S.A.
Considerations for maintaining high beta plasma discharges in NSTX
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P2-01 Bogatu I.N.
Disruption mitigation with plasma jets for ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P2-04 deVries P.C.
Survey into the occurence of disruptions and their root causes at JET
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P2-05 Eidietis N.W.
A diffusive model for halo width growth during VDEs
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P2-13 Lehnen M.
Disruption mitigation by massive gas injection in JET
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P2-14 Lin S.Y.
Suppression of runaway electrons during disruption in HT-7
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P2-15 Pautasso G.
Contribution of ASDEX Upgrade to disruption studies for ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P2-16 Saint-Laurent F.
Disruption and runaways electron mitigation studies on Tore Supra
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P3-03 Lang P.T.
ELM pacing investigations at JET with the new pellet launcher
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P5-03 Buttery R.J.
The impact of 3D fields on tearing mode stability of H-modes
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P5-06 Gryaznevich M.P.
Determination of plasma stability using resonant field amplification in JET
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P5-09 Maget P.M.
Non linear MHD modelling of NTMs in JET advanced scenarios
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P5-12 Park J-K.
Robust correction of 3D error fields in tokamaks including ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXW/P7-07 García-Muñoz M.
Fast-ion transport induced by Alfvén eigenmodes in ASDEX Upgrade
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXW/P7-24 Shi Y.
Investigation of runaway electron beam in EAST
FEC, 2010, Volume #, EXS/P5-03 Buttery R.J.
The impact of 3D fields on tearing mode stability of H-modes
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/1-5 Luce T.C.
Development of advanced inductive scenarios for ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/1-6 Putvinski S.
Disruption mitigation in ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/P1-07 Walsh M.
Overview of high priority ITER diagnostic systems status
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/P1-11 Mayoral M.L.
On maximizing the ICRF antenna loading for ITER plasmas
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/P1-19 Casper T.A.
Development of the ITER baseline inductive scenario
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/P1-22 Kessel C.E.
Development of ITER advanced hybrid and steady state scenarios
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/P1-29 Budny R.V.
Benchmarking ICRF simulations for ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, ITR/P1-32 Konovalov S.
Characterization of runaway electrons in ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, THW/P2-02 Kim S.H.
Full tokamak discharge simulation for ITER
FEC, 2010, Volume #, THS/P2-06 Strauss H.R.
Wall forces produced during ITER disruptions
FEC, 2010, Volume #, THS/P4-02 Pustovitov V.D.
Integral torque balance in the problem of the plasma toroidal rotation
FEC, 2010, Volume #, THS/P5-05 Furukawa M.
A numerical matching technique for resistive MHD stability analysis
JPFR-S, 2010, Volume #9, 457 Chandra D.
Plasma rotation effects on neoclassical tearing modes
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 064004 Callen J.D.
Analysis of pedestal plasma transport
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 025015 Shibata Y.
Study of current decay time during disruption in JT-60U tokamak
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 025020 Sabbagh S.A.
Advances in global MHD mode stabilization research on NSTX
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 035011 Politzer P.A.
Experimental simulation of ITER rampdown in DIII-D
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 064008 Fiore C.
Rotation and transport in Alcator C-Mod ITB plasmas
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 064010 Maingi R.
Overview of L—H power threshold studies in NSTX
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 075005 Doyle E.J.
Demonstration of ITER operational scenarios on DIII-D
NF, 2010, Volume #50, 084004 García-Muñoz M.
Fast-ion losses induced by ACs and TAEs in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
PLA, 2010, Volume #374, 4528 Pustovitov V.D.
Magnetic diagnostics of the fast transient events in tokamaks
PoP, 2010, Volume #17, 056107 White R.B.
Beam distribution modification by Alfvén modes
PoP, 2010, Volume #17, 082505 Strauss H.
Wall forces produced during ITER disruptions
PPCF, 2010, Volume #52, 045012 White R.B.
Particle distribution modification by low amplitude modes
PPCF, 2010, Volume #52, 105011 Voitsekhovitch I.
Modelling of the JET current ramp-up experiments and projection to ITER
PPCF, 2010, Volume #52, 123001 Chu M.S.
Stabilization of the external kink and the resistive wall mode
PPCF, 2010, Volume #52, 124018 Riccardo V.
JET disruption studies in support of ITER
PPCF, 2010, Volume #52, 124044 Wagner F.
On the heating mix of ITER
PRL, 2010, Volume #104, 035003 Berkery J.W.
Resistive wall mode instability at intermediate plasma rotation


EPS, 2009, Volume #33E, O-4.028 Villone F.
RWM analysis with 3D conductors, plasma flow and kinetic damping
EPS, 2009, Volume #33E, P-1.160 Reich M.
Real-time current profile measurements for NTM control
EPS, 2009, Volume #33E, P-4.156 Furno M.
Analysis of RWM in ITER including 3D volumetric blanket modules
EPS, 2009, Volume #33E, P-4.162 Lister J.B.
Identification of the ITER plasma equilibrium using modulation
EPS, 2009, Volume #33E, P-4.161 Leonov V.M.
Study of ITER plasma start-up conditions by ASTRA and DINA codes
EPS, 2009, Volume #33E, P-4.165 Sugihara M.
Disruption and runaway electron mitigation on ITER
EPS, 2009, Volume #33E, P-5.163 Lang P.T.
Pellet fuelling and ELM triggering investigations at JET
FED, 2009, Volume #84, 150 Romanelli F.
Recent contribution of JET to the ITER physics
JNM, 2009, Volume #390—391, 740 Lehnen M.
Runaway generation during disruptions in JET and TEXTOR
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 773 Nardon E.
ELM control by resonant magnetic perturbations on JET and MAST
JNM, 2009, Volume #386-388, 353 von Toussaint U.
Molecular dynamics modeling of chemical erosion of hydrocarbon films
JNM, 2009, Volume #386-388, 764 Davis J.W.
Thermo-oxidation of tokamak carbon dust
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 38 Kreter A.
Dynamics of erosion and deposition in tokamaks
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 478 Philipps V.
Effect of disruptions on fuel release from JET walls
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 602 Schwarz-Selinger T.
Carbon removal from tile gap structures with oxygen glow discharges
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 626 Haasz A.A.
Thermo-oxidation and analysis of JET codeposits
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 659 Sugiyama K.
Hydrogen retention in ITER relevant mixed material layers
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 755 Pitts R.A.
The impact of large ELMs on JET
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 979 Sergienko G.
Ion cyclotron wall conditioning in reactive gases on TEXTOR
JNM, 2009, Volume #390-391, 963 Stangeby P.C.
Analysis for shaping the ITER first wall
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 125004 Maddison G.P.
Dimensionless pedestal identity plasmas on Alcator C-Mod and JET
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 085035 Snyder P.B.
Pedestal stability comparison and ITER pedestal prediction
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 065012 Hawryluk R.J.
Principal physics developments evaluated in the ITER design review
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 085034 Kessel C.E.
Development of ITER 15 MA ELMy H-mode inductive scenario
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 085015 Sips A.C.C.
Experimental studies of ITER demonstration discharges
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 035006 Chapman I.T.
Sawtooth control and the interaction of energetic particles
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 055012 Riccardo V.
Progress in understanding halo current at JET
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 055026 Voitsekhovitch I.
Non-inductive current drive and transport in high βN plasmas in JET
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 065014 Esposito B.
Disruption control on FTU and ASDEX upgrade with ECRH
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 065026 Oyama N.
Long-pulse hybrid scenario development in JT-60U
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 075007 deVries P.
Internal transport barrier dynamics with plasma rotation in JET
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 085010 Tardini G.
Angular momentum studies with NBI modulation in JET
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 085017 Paley J.I.
Real time control of plasmas and ECRH systems on TCV
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 085028 Delgado-Aparicio L.
Impurity transport studies in NSTX neutral beam heated H-mode plasmas
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 104017 Meyer H.
Overview of physics results from MAST
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 115004 Gohil P.
The H-mode power threshold in hydrogen plasmas in DIII-D
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 115012 Sen A.K.
ETG turbulence effects on the evolution of an NTM
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 35002 Doerner R.P.
Codeposition of deuterium with ITER materials
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 75011 Tsitrone E.
A lower hybrid current drive system for ITER
NF, 2009, Volume #49, 85022 Rudakov D.L.
Dust studies in DIII-D and TEXTOR
PFR, 2009, Volume #4, 051 Matsunaga G.
Rotational stabilization of resistive wall mode on JT-60U
PhyScr, 2009, Volume #T138, 14009 Schwarz-Selinger T.
Fuel removal from tile gaps with oxygen discharges: Reactivity of neutrals
PoP, 2009, Volume #16, 052503 Pustovitov V.D.
Resistive ferromagnetic wall modes in theory and experiment
PoP, 2009, Volume #16, 102502 Volpe F.A.G.
Advanced techniques for neoclassical tearing mode control in DIII-D
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 035001 Saarelma S.
MHD stability analysis of small ELM regimes in JET
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 055010 Paley J.I.
Real time control of the sawtooth period using EC launchers
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 065020 Kim S.H.
Lower hybrid assisted plasma current ramp-up in ITER
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 115008 Liu Y.
Exact single-null diverted tokamak equilibria
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 124009 Lauber Ph.
Kinetic Alfvén eigenmodes at ASDEX Upgrade
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 124017 Angioni C.
Particle transport in tokamak plasmas, theory and experiment
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 124020 Roach C.
Gyrokinetic simulations of spherical tokamaks
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 124056 Pautasso G.
Disruption studies in ASDEX Upgrade in view of ITER
PPCF, 2009, Volume #51, 125001 Heidbrink W.W.
Beam-ion confinement for different injection geometries


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Magnetic coupling of the toroidal plasma with external asymmetries
EPS, 2008, Volume #32D, P-1.060 Pustovitov V.D.
Tokamak plasma response to asymmetric magnetic perturbations
EPS, 2008, Volume #32D, P-1.068 Ivanov N.V.
Analysis of T-10 data on magnetic island dynamics using the TEAR code
EPS, 2008, Volume #32D, P-2.067 Villone F.
RWM modelling in RFX-mod including 3D conducting structures
EPS, 2008, Volume #32D, P-2.074 Lukash V.E.
Study of early phase of current ramp-up in ITER with DINA code
EPS, 2008, Volume #32D, P-2.080 Villone F.
RWM control in ITER including a realistic 3D geometry
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/P6-18 Whyte D.G.
Studies of requirements for ITER disruption mitigation systems
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/P6-20 Donné A.J.H.
Key R&D activities for ITER diagnostics
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/P6-25 Walsh M.J.
Performance evaluation of ITER Thomson scattering systems
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/1-2 Hawryluk R.J.
Principle physics developments evaluated in the ITER design review
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/1-5 Thomas P.R.
ELM physics and ELM mitigation in ITER
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/2-2 Sips A.C.C.
Experimental studies of ITER demonstration discharges
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/2-3 Kessel C.E.
Development of ITER 15 MA ELMy H-mode inductive scenario
FEC, 2008, Volume #, IT/P6-14 Snyder P.B.
Pedestal stability comparison and ITER pedestal prediction
FEC, 2008, Volume #, EX/6-1 García-Muñoz M.
MHD induced fast-ion losses on ASDEX Upgrade
FEC, 2008, Volume #, EX/7-3Ra Esposito B.
Disruption control on FTU and ASDEX Upgrade with ECRH
FEC, 2008, Volume #, EX/9-3 Rudakov D.L.
Dust studies in DIII-D and TEXTOR
FED, 2008, Volume #83, 552 Casper T.A.
ITER shape controller and transport simulations
JNM, 2008, Volume #374, 413 Hopf C.
Oxygen glow discharge cleaning in nuclear fusion devices
JPCS, 2008, Volume #123, 012001 Leonard A.W.
Progress in characterization of the H-mode pedestal
JPCS, 2008, Volume #123, 012011 Kirk A.
Comparison of the spatial and temporal structure of type-I ELMs
JPCS, 2008, Volume #123, 012033 Martin Y.R.
Power requirement for accessing the H-mode in ITER
NF, 2008, Volume #48, 035004 Chapman I.T.
Sawtooth stability in neutral beam heated plasmas in TEXTOR
NF, 2008, Volume #48, 075006 Valovič M.
Particle confinement of pellet-fuelled tokamak plasma
NF, 2008, Volume #48, 084002 Lauber Ph.
Damping and drive of low-frequency modes in tokamak plasmas
NF, 2008, Volume #48, 125002 Jackson G.L.
ITER startup studies in the DIII-D tokamak
PoP, 2008, Volume #15, 072501 Pustovitov V.D.
General formulation of the resistive wall mode coupling equations
PPCF, 2008, Volume #50, 124013 McDonald D.C.
JET confinement studies and their scaling to high βN, ITER scenarios
PPCF, 2008, Volume #50, 045006 Chapman I.T.
Sawtooth control using off-axis NBI
PPCF, 2008, Volume #50, 124032 Garcia J.
Integrated modeling of ITER steady-state scenarios


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Disruption database studies for ITER
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First mirrors for diagnostic systems of ITER
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S1 Shimada M.
Chapter 1: Overview and summary
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S18 Doyle E.J.
Chapter 2: Plasma confinement and transport
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S128 Hender T.C.
Chapter 3: MHD stability, operational limits and disruptions
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S203 Loarte A.
Chapter 4: Power and particle control
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S264 Fasoli A.
Chapter 5: Physics of energetic ions
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S285 Gormezano C.
Chapter 6: Steady state operation
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S337 Donné A.J.H.
Chapter 7: Diagnostics
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S385 Gribov Y.
Chapter 8: Plasma operation and control
NF, 2007, Volume #47, S404 Mukhovatov V.
Chapter 9: ITER contributions for Demo plasma development
NF, 2007, Volume #47, Ikeda K.


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Edge pedestal physics and its implications for ITER
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The design and implementation of diagnostic systems on ITER
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Dependence of the H-mode pedestal structure on aspect ratio
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Beryllium containing plasma interactions with ITER materials
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Disruption characterization and database activities for ITER
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First mirrors for diagnostic systems of ITER
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High priority R&D topics in support of ITER diagnostic development
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Progress in development of Thomson scattering systems for ITER
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Multi-machine dimensionless transport experiments
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Inter-machine comparison of spontaneous toroidal rotation
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Survey of type I ELM dynamics measurements
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Pedestal conditions for small ELM regimes in tokamaks
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Internal transport barriers: Critical physics issues?
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Survey of type I ELM dynamics measurements


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